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Stage 3


We are sorry, but we do not have any available items based on your current engine and model selection. If you wish to change which engine and model you have selected, please click the "change" link on the bar at the top-right of this page.

About Stage 3

The Ultimate Custom Remap

Stage Three is true next generation code for your vehicle. This option caters for the extreme enthusiast who demands nothing but perfection from their highly modified vehicle. Big Turbo upgrades, Superchargers, Cubic Capacity increases and Nitrous Oxide are just some of the modifications that can be coded for.

Phase Three -
from £450 plus VAT (Price on Application)

If you have a Big Turbo Upgrade, After-Market Supercharger, or other major engine modifications, this is the map for you.

For example:
Skoda Octavia 1.8T JBSGT2871 Equal Length Kit 2WD with Custom Code Phase Three:

A true 440bhp
0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds
0-100 mph in 10.1 seconds
0-150 mph in 32 seconds
1/4 Mile in 13.1 seconds

Skoda Octavia now upgraded to 1.9T JBSGT35 Equal Length Kit 2WD with Custom-Code Phase 3

A true 600bhp

Awaiting times 

Mapping can take up to 3 days, but the end result will be like nothing else available in the world today.

Again, as with the Phase Two Remap, if we have mapped an ECU of the same type, with the same engine modifications, development time can be cut drastically.