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Induction Kits


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About Induction Kits

An Induction Kit normally consists of a cone shaped filter (Cone Filter) and the necessary pipework and brackets to fit it to your specific vehicle model.

The photo to the right shows a typical Induction Kit with the cone filter on the right attached to the existing pipework.

As mentioned above, the kit replaces the manufacturers airbox and filter, it will sit in the engine bay in place of them and provide the engine will more clean air for less effort from the engine.

Advantages of induction kits ;

>  Gains in engine performance for a relatively small outlay, and then if you change your exhaust and other components for a performance items, you will get even better power gains.

>  Good quality induction kits will last for a lifetime, because unlike standard paper filters, the can be cleaned/washed and re-oiled, so will never need to be replaced.

Noise. Because your new induction kit is sitting in the engine bay and not in a box (airbox) like your old panel filter, you will here air being sucked into the engine though the cone filter. This is called the 'induction roar' and it will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer

Changing the airbox for the induction kit and leaving everything else standard, will give you a small increase in performance. But then when you start changing other parts such as Exhausts, Performance ECU software (Custom-Code)  etc. then you notice a much greater increase in Performance and improvement from the induction kit.


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