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About Hoses

JBS Auto designs offers the whole range of Silcone performance hoses.

JBS offers a range of vehicle specific hoses from the best manufacturer on the market today in terms of quality, price, and most importantly, performance.

The silicone compound used in the construction of the hoses is of the highest sheer strength available and is hand-laid with a polyester reinforcement fabric. The layering of the hoses is far more uniform and consistent than of that from any other manufacturer which improves the overall structural integrity of the hoses up to 50%. The internal surface of the hose is completely smooth and unobstructed and the internal volume of this hose has been increased to provide the highest level of airflow at all points within the power band.

When ordering please select colour of hose and engine code of vehicle. Failure to do so may result in the wrong hose variant being supplied.


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