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Twin Scroll


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About Twin Scroll

At JBS we offer the Twin Scroll Turbo in two stages. Our hybrid Stage 2 versions are capable of offering up to 500bhp, with full boost predicted between 3000-3500RPM depending on spec.

Key features of the turbo include:

  • Twin Scroll Design for better response and spool
  • New More efficient and larger compressor preventing compressor surge
  • Better pump gas efficiency
  • Turbine Nozzle Area (cm2) = Large 10.5 hotside, single flapper.
  • Improved actuator design

A "twin scroll" or "divided inlet" means that there are two separate volutes within the turbine housing. The main reason for  this is to isolate the pulses coming from each exhaust port and maintain more of the pulse energy from each cylinder all the way down to the turbine wheel. There are no differences between the turbine wheels used in open or single inlet turbines compared to those used in twin or divided inlet turbines.

Generally speaking, a divided inlet turbine setup will respond faster and produce boost quicker than single or open design of the same nozzle area, of course this is dependent upon proper execution.

While it does not cause any problems or harm to run a divided inlet turbine housing on a manifold that is an "open" design, none of the benefits of the twin inlet will be seen.