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1.8T 20v OEM Upgrade

About 1.8T 20v OEM Upgrade

The JBS OEM Upgrade Turbo Kits are our cutting-edge turbo upgrade for your 1.8 20 VT.

Here at JBS we have worked long and hard to bring you the finest 1.8T upgrade available. All our kits are made with the best materials and engineering available, from the exhaust manifold to the hose clamps. The JBS OEM upgrade Kits are offered in 2 stages from 250-300 Bhp and 290-320 Bhp for the K03 and the K04 turbos respectively.

Our OEM Upgrade Turbo Kits consist of the following components:

  • JBS Cast Manifold
  • JBS Hybrid turbo 
  • JBS 04 - Hybrid K03
  • JBS 05 - Hybrid K04
  • JBS High Flow Fuel Injectors
  • 3" Air Mass Meter
  • Forge Diverter Valve
  • 4 Bar Fuel regulator
  • 4 Bar Fuel Pump
  • All Associate Plumbing and Hardware

The most important part of the JBS OEM Upgrade Kit is the exhaust manifold. JBS has spent enormous effort, time and resources developing the turbo manifold. The exhaust manifold has been designed in the best CAD packages availiable, for 3-D modeling and CFD analysis. By performing a computational fluid dynamics analysis, we were able to study exhaust flow, pressure drops, and fluid flow through the exhaust manifold. Multiple computer simulations were done to prove the design before we even had a physical manifold in our hand.

Once the manifolds have fully passed the computer simulations we had the cast exhaust manifold CAD model transferred to a SLS rapid prototyping machine. A nylon resin exhaust manifold was cast from the prototyping machine. With this plastic manifold we were able to mock everything up in the test vehicle before proceeding to the next process.

JBS has chosen to cast its manifolds in a very high quality foundry which is used by many OEM turbo suppliers and OEM vehicle manufacturers to ensure the castings are of the highest quality.

Also to reflect the high quality casting; JBS has spent a great deal of time researching the latest high temperature resistant casting materials.

JBS Developments found a newly developed heat-resisting cast steel specifically directed at the automotive engine's exhaust systems.

The new steel, is an austenite cast steel having the chemical composition of 20%Cr-10%Ni-3%W-2%Nb was found to have the higher strength over 600°C compared to cast irons and exhibited the highest oxidation resistance at 900°C. Additionally, it was found to have a higher thermal fatigue strength than Niresist D5S of an austenite cast iron structure.

Due to the excellent properties at such elevated temperatures typical for exhaust gases, this developed cast steel grade is ideal for exhaust manifold and turbine housings.

  • resistance to corrosion,
  • resistance to oxidisation
  • high temperature resistance (1050 degC)
  • resistance to wear and erosion.

This is to ensure a minimal amount of thermal expansion and an equal rate of thermal expansion to the turbo housing, this again minimises the potential for thermal fatigue (cracking).  The bolts for the fitment of the turbo to the manifold shall be supplied as they are a specific size and material to prevent stretching which leads to blowing gaskets.

The same designs process is carried over into all our turbo kit components. With all of JBS' upgrade components, including: turbo out, TIP and boost pipes have all being designed, flow tested and prototype using CAD, to give the best possible performance. Our Boost pipes are available in silicone or stainless steel.

JBS designed hybrid OEM turbo upgrades will be able to produce around 290bhp for the K03 and 320bhp for the K04 hybrids!

The turbo specification has been chosen to give maximum gains with a standard manifold and then with our collected cast manifold design give even more.

We firmly believe that with just a high flow down pipe and de-cat a totally reliable 250 and 310 Bhp is achievable.  With the addition of our JBS Collected High Flow Cast Manifold, up to 290 and 320 Bhp will be on tap.

We expect this turbo to be capable of up to a 2.0bar spike and hold 1.4bar across the rev range.

JBS Hybrid  spec:

  • Modified compressor housing inlet
  • C.N.C re-profiled compressor cover for high flow
  • 350bhp capable "billet" custom compressor wheel
  • Modified seal plate
  • 360 degree performance thrust bearing
  • Hybrid K04 large trim left hand thread turbine wheel
  • Lightening and balancing of turbine wheel for faster 'spool up'
  • Modified turbine housing
  • Up-rated twin turbine seals
  • Cryogenically treated components
  • 10psi wastegate actuator set up with the option to upgrade