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About Garrett

A Guide to Garrett's "GT" Model Number


  • Positions "xx" refers to the frame size of the turbine wheel inducer.

    For example the "GT28" in "GT2860RS" refers to its turbine wheel frame size family. All GT28 units use a turbine wheel with 53.85mm inducer diameter

    As a rule of thumb, the larger the number, the larger the turbine wheel.


  • Positions "yy" designate the compressor wheel exducer (major) diameter in millimeters

    The "60" in the GT2860RS example above has a 60mm compressor wheel exducer diameter.

    Note: Wheel sizes 100mm and over omit the "1" (hundreds digit)
    Example: the 02 in a GT4202 refers to its 102mm compressor wheel exducer diameter


  • Positions "zz" may be used to designate special features of a particular turbocharger where applicable

    Example: GT2860RS
    "R" = this is a Ball Bearing unit
    "S" = used for units which require some differentiation from units in the same family

    Compare a GT2860R to a GT2860RS. While both are ball bearing and externally similar, the GT2860RS is better suited for higher-flow applications than the GT2860R. In this case, the S reflects the higher-flowing nature of the GT2860RS


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