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JBS 1.8 20v T Hybrid Turbos

About JBS 1.8 20v T Hybrid Turbos

JBS have designed a range of hybrid K03/K03s and K04 hybrid turbo upgrades that are a direct replacement for the OEM units. The JBS 04 and JBS 05 hybrid turbos are capable of producing upto 290 and 320 bhp respectively!

The turbo specifications have been chosen to give maximum gains with just a standard manifold, High flow exhaust and Custom-Code remap. Then with the addition of the JBS collected high flow cast manifold design give even better performance.

While the exact specification of the JBS 04 turbo (K03 Hybrid) is a closely guarded secret, the basic premise is that the housing is K03s, but with custom internals based on the K04.

This allows the turbo to be fitted to an otherwise standard car with just a remap, making it the perfect entry into the world of Big Turbos!

We firmly believe that with just a high flow down pipe and de-cat a totally reliable 260bhp readily available from the JBS 04 turbo (K03 Hybrid).

With similar modifications and the addition of our JBS collected high flow cast manifold, to the JBS 05 Turbo (K04 hybrid), up to 320bhp and 340lb ft will be on tap.

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