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Valves, Springs and Ret


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About Valves, Springs and Ret

Sometimes it's the smaller Engine Parts that make some of the bigger differences. JBS is pleased to offer what we know to be the best valve train components on the market anywhere.

Aside from looking amazing standing still, these valves will unleash the potential of your Cylinder Head while looking like a blur at high RPMs. Teamed up with lightweight titanium retainers, lightweight lifters, and stiffer valve springs, you will have a cylinder head that can dominate the competition.

We offer both OEM size valves, as well as oversized valves for 8v, 12v, 16v, 20v and 24v applications. But rest assured – these are hardly OEM valves.

Custom coating helps to not only reduce friction and increase horse power, but also helps to resist heat on the valve surface. All valves are undercut on the stem to reduce weight and increase flow. 16v and 20v oversize applications utilize inconel exhaust valves. Inconel is a super-strong and highly corrosion resistant “superalloy”, making it the perfect material for your exhaust valve.

Looking to shed more weight in your valve train? Then it's time to consider lightweight titanium retainers, and lightweight lifters. These components will help with revability allowing your engine to get the most power available to it.

Investing in a high-lift Camshaft? Have you considered heavy duty Valve Springs? Running a high-lift cam, with OEM valve springs can cause valve float in the higher RPMS. It's suggested to utilize stiffer valve springs to correct this and prevent any damage that may incure.

If you have any questions in regards to whats right for your needs, do not hesitate to contact our sales team for helpful insight on your project.


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