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About Manifolds

Switching from an exhaust manifold to Performance Exhaust Manifold will decrease the amount of back pressure in the Performance Exhaust System and in turn increase the high-end power of the engine. This is done by using an individual pipe for each exhaust port that has smoother bends, decreasing airflow resistance.

The pipes then merge together at a collector and then flow into a larger pipe (down pipe), just before the catalytic converter. With equal length manifold, as each exhaust valve in the head of the engine is opened and exhaust gas is forced out, it passes down one of the manifold pipes and through to the down pipe, where the exhaust gas velocity causes a slight vacuum in another manifolds pipe. This has an effect of sucking exhaust gas from the cylinder next releasing exhaust which is beneficial for performance.

Length of exhaust manifolds can be tuned to perform best at specific RPM ranges. Stock exhaust manifolds are usually made of cast iron and can be restrictive. Performance Manifolds may or may not increase the dB level of the exhaust, depending on the original exhaust manifold it replaces and the engine. Performance manifolds can be ceramic coated to reduce the heat radiated in the engine compartment, and to increase the temperature of the pipes which increases the velocity of the exhaust gases.

JBS has produced a new range of tubular manifold. The new tubular designs concentrate more on collector efficiency and eliminating port sharing.

The manifolds have then been design and produced directly from the CAD models to ensure best flow capabilities, accuracy and fitment, using laser cut flanges and CNC cut collectors.

All of the JBS tubular design manifolds are produced in house. The manifolds are built with 321 stainless steel runners and 409 stainless steel flanges, to protect against the higher exhaust gas temperatures.

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