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1.8 20v T Turbo Kits

About 1.8 20v T Turbo Kits

The most important part of all the JBS Turbo Kits is the exhaust manifold. JBS has spent enormous effort, time and resources developing the turbo manifolds.

The exhaust manifolds have been designed in the best CAD packages available, for 3-D modelling and CFD analysis. By performing a computational fluid dynamics analysis, we have been able to study exhaust flow, pressure drops, and fluid flow through the exhaust manifold. This information was then used to design a manifold that would give the best performance. Multiple computer simulations were done to prove the design before we even had a physical manifold in our hand.

JBS has also done a lot of research and testing into different types of turbos to give the best characteristics for each type of turbo Kit. Be it quick spooling time, top end power and reliability.

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