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About Nitrous

Nitrous Oxide Kits (NOS) can improve power by upto 150BHP. The Power obtained is of course dependant on the vehicle the Nitrous Oxide Kit is installed to. This is also the same for cars with and without a turbo as these are all variations that obviously assist with the power from the offset.

Universal WET NOS Kits that can easily be applied to any make or model of car. Wet Nitrous Kits are the only systems you should fit as recommended by specialist in performance car modifications.

Not all Nitrous systems perform the same although many use the same components available from the relevant manufactures but only the Wizards of NOS kits use high quality components that are specifically designed in-house to be the best for nitrous performance use as they are purpose designed and produced solely for nitrous use.

These Nitrous kits are all manufactured in the UK and are fully tested and are by far the most superior NOS System available for reliability and performance in the world.

Please contact us to further discuss which NOS kit will be best for your requirements.

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