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JBS Forum Guidelines


Please abide by the following guidelines, and above all, respect people. Our business has a friendly atmosphere, and we insist on the same for our forum!

The General Guidelines

  • Please post in the correct section. Posts made in the wrong place may be deleted without warning.
  • We LOCK all offensive threads without warning.
  • We reserve the right to remove users at will and without warning or negotiation.
  • Dont hijack other peoples posts.
  • Only JBS are permitted to advertise their products or services on the forum, members found to be doing this may have their user accounts removed with little, or no warning.
  • Only JBS may post group buys on the forum. We understand that sometimes there are special circumstances, and a private user has managed to secure a group buy deal - please ask the moderators before posting.
  • If you are posting for your (profit-making) company or organisation WITHOUT pre-approved permission, it will be removed without warning. This site exists as part of the JBS Website to help with customer enquiries.
  • NSFW : Not Safe For Work : Adult Content = please dont post it, it's a business and a family site!
  •  (this goes for avatars, signatures, the lot!) Keep it clean!!!!
  • Swearing... please dont!
  • The "JBS" logo is protected by copyright, so please do not reproduce or use it without express permission.