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Custom-Code Remap

Vehicle Make: Audi

Vehicle Model: S3 8L 225

Vehicle Year: 2003

I was at GTI international 2013, looking at getting my car remapped. I went with Custom-Code because the price was great and the staff were great to talk to about the map.

I am very pleased with the map and the car pulls great now, as it should be from factory. The map is not peaky it feels just like the stock map but with more power behind it, which is exactly what I wanted.

Overall I am very pleased with the map and would highly recommend Custom-Code to anyone looking for a remap.  I will be going there for stage 2 in the near future - Rhys

Vehicle Make: Skoda

Vehicle Model: Fabia 5J

Vehicle Year: 2013

Had this remap done by JBS and cannot believe the difference in drivability. The car runs much smoother and the increase in power makes the already great little engine even better. The car in standard form was lacking that pull on dual carriage ways and the motorway but now it is totally transformed even seeing in increase in mpg! Many thanks to all at JBS for their great service especially the technicians that do the hard work - Dom

VVT Attack

Just got back from JBS Auto Designs, had the VVT Attack map done the guys there were great.   I had a problem with my ECU, Audi must have messed it up when they did the update on it a few months ago.   It kept on rejecting the map and JBS’ tuner Kevin spent 5 hours working on it and managed to solve it.  A chip on the ECU had blown, he replaced it and it worked straight away. I was not charged any extra for this and the car feels great much more responsive and pulls really well, think I'm going to go for the Schrick cams now to finish it off! - Matt

Customer Experience

Having had a lot of involvement with JBS over the past 2 years, I have only ever been shown top quality and top professionalism from the JBS team. 

Having an outstanding amount of commitment to swiftly delivering exactly what you are looking to achieve no matter the outcome, JBS will always try their hardest to help you. They have shown they are up to the task time and time again and are not afraid to develop new ideas into the motorsport world.

Now I only allow JBS to work on my Edition 30 even compared to VW dealerships, as in my opinion, the delivery is much better. - Stuart Coull

170PPD DPF Delete Package

I would just like to say a massive thanks to all for the level of service that you guys gave me earlier today.

My car had developed quite a serious problem with the DPF system and was giving me a lot of concern to say the least. Having had several bad issues with dealer service in the past, I was reluctant to have to go back to them to put this problem right, however a mechanic friend had mentioned a system to bypass the problem and put me in contact with you as you came highly recommended as you did the complete package.

I knew I was on to a good thing with you though - a quick phone call and a short drive was all it took, I was booked in and dealt within the space of a few hours. I was also made to feel very welcome upon arrival rounding off the whole experience very nicely indeed.

The important bit of all though, the product.  Simply amazing! I'm still smiling now (and I'm not in the car!)  - the drive home wasn't long enough to be fair. Sure its early days yet, but already I am noticing astonishing results - my car was no slouch to begin with but the torque & power now is awesome and makes me wonder why I didn't do this sooner.

I will thoroughly recommend your products and service to anyone wishing to improve their vehicles performance, and more than likely I will use you again in the future.

Many thanks again and keep up the good work - Martin

First off,  JBS' level of customer service and satisfaction is second to none! I went in to have the DPF Delete package which led to uncovering an issue that was efficiently rectified.

It has transformed the car, and now is such a pleasure to drive! I would implore anyone thinking about having this done to get a move on, you will not think twice! The car pulls amazingly in every gear, a sensitive right foot required as it'll spin all the way up to third and 4th in the rain - pure torque, but so, so satisfying. Overall, it doesn't get better than this, the service, the package and my overall satisfaction. Top job JBS, from the reception to driving home, smiles all the way! - Iain