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After all the effort put in to the design process it would be a waste to have the products produced to a poor standard. So just as much effort goes into the manufacturing  of our parts.

A new product will only go into production once the design stage is completed, this includes prototyping and testing. When we are happy with the production sample (which may also include testing) the product can then be manufactured.


Manifolds Production

We produce our exhaust components in a custom cast stainless steel and stainless steel tubular versions.


Also to reflect the high quality casting; JBS has spent a great deal of time researching the latest high temperature resistant casting materials.

JBS Developments found a newly developed heat-resisting cast steel specifically directed at the automotive engine's exhaust systems.

The new steel, is an austenite cast steel having the chemical composition of 20%Cr-10%Ni-3%W-2%Nb was found to have the higher strength over 600°C compared to cast irons and exhibited the highest oxidation resistance at 900°C. Additionally, it was found to have a higher thermal fatigue strength than Niresist D5S of an austenite cast iron structure.

Due to the excellent properties at such elevated temperatures typical for exhaust gases, this developed cast steel grade is ideal for exhaust manifold and turbine housings.

  • resistance to corrosion,
  • resistance to oxidisation
  • high temperature resistance (1050 degC)
  • resistance to wear and erosion.

This is to ensure a minimal amount of thermal expansion and an equal rate of thermal expansion to the turbo housing, this again minimises the potential for thermal fatigue (cracking).  The bolts for the fitment of the turbo to the manifold shall be supplied as they are a specific size and material to prevent stretching which leads to blowing gaskets.

tubular manifold

For our tubular manifold we use Grade 321 and 409 stainless steel  for the runners and flanges. The 42 mm O.D pipe work is mandrell bent to create a smooth flowing runner. The stainless steel grades used are of the highest quality and are designed to provide good flow characteristics and are resistant to the high exhaust temperatures.

The manifolds are manufactured with:

  • laser cut 12mm flanges
  • CNC cut collectors.
  • 321 Grade stainless steel runners
  • 409 Grade stainless steel flanges
  • Materials to protect against the higher exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Light-weight corrosion resistant
  • seamless pipe


Boost pipe work.

All of our boost pipe circuitry is manufactured to the highest standards. All are constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy or 316/304 grade hygienic stainless steel which is hand crafted and shaped to fit perfectly under the bonnet.

Custom Made Parts

For our one off products we provide a wide range of material choices and manufacturing processes. Including CNC machining and water jet cutting.

Some of these manufacturing processes are out sourced to company we know can reach the high level of quality finish and execution we expect.



All of our prototypes and many of our one off manifolds and boost pipes are produced in house by our highly trained fabricator.

For the manifolds we choose to mass produce we have selected a very high quality company, who use some of the latest pipe bending, cutting and casting technologies to produce the best results. The company we have chosen is used by many other top end tuners and OEM turbo suppliers to ensure the castings and metal work are of the highest quality.