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1.8T 20V Kits


When it comes to high power 1.8 20vt tuning, there's no doubting that JBS is up there with the best of them, offering turbo upgrades for the 20vt that range from medium hot to the full Vindaloo.

OEM Turbo Kits

  • JBS04

At the milder end of the spectrum we offer for the 150/180 1.8 20v T engine, a JBS04 turbo package that replaces the K03 / K03S blowers with a hybrid unit that, thanks to a trick exhaust turbine and other secret JBS modifications, offers better flow (and power potential) to the factory K04 unit upgrade.

Add a front mounted intercooler, 310cc injectors, a 3 inch MAF housing, a cold air induction system and a 2.5 inch exhaust with a high flow cat, the JBS04 can achieve between 260-280bhp, rising to a 300bhp version which adds a JBS high flow exhaust manifold to the package.

  • JBS05

We also offer a K04 turbo upgrade known as the JBS05, which is based around a hybrid K04 made to JBS specification. A modified compressor housing, 360 thrust bearings and custom billet compressor wheel with other secret modifications, makes for a reliable 300bhp with factory downpipe, factory cat and Custom- Code Phase 3 remap. Add a JBS K04 high flow manifold and you're looking at 320bhp and 340lb/ft.

IHI Turbo Kits 

Various IHI turbo kits are available in stages 1 - 3.

  • Under-slung

Stage 1 uses the famous IHI VF34 / 22 roller bearing turbo for 300 - 350bhp mounted to the JBS under-slung stainless steel tubular or cast manifold and utilising many OEM parts.

  • Top Mount: Equal Length

Stage 1 Top mount, uses the same IHI VF34 / 22 roller bearing turbo for 300 - 350bhp and the JBS stainless steel equal length manifold and high flow downpipe.

Stage 2 Offers 370bhp - 400bhp by combining the hot side of the IHI with the cold side from a GT30.

Stage 3 This uses a custom developed JBS ball bearing turbo that spools very efficiently while holding boost staggeringly well to the redline for between 400 - 450 bhp.

All of the IHI kits depend upon the in-house designed equal length tubular turbo manifold for ultimate flow and maximum go.


Twin Scroll technology at its best

Twin Scroll Turbo Kit

The next step up involves a JBS developed twin-scroll turbo that uses a 'twin scroll' or 'divided inlet' manifold for excellent engine pulse characteristics, full boost between 2750-3250rpm with Stage 1 turbo.This is the perfect "street" kit with OEM style boost delivery and no fade in boost all the way to the red line. Various turbo options are available including ball bearing conversion and choice of compressor cover.

Stage One- Expect 350bhp - 400bhp

Stage Two- Expect 400bhp - 450bhp


Beyond here, JBS leads us to the:-

Garrett Turbo Kit

  • JBS GT28

Which uses a hybrid Garrett GT28RS blower.

This mates up to a bespoke JBS equal length top mount or underslung stainless steel turbo manifold, and then a JBS three inch downpipe and exhaust system. With a front mounted intercooler added to the mix, the Stage 1 under slung package is capable of 320bhp, with a purpose built 1.8T block running uprated H beam connecting rods and low compression pistons, the top mount equal length Stage 1 kit can produce up to 400bhp.

Again there are many turbo options available, please call with your requirements.


T3 based JBS turbo kits

  • JBS GT30

Centering on a hybrid T3 large a/r ratio turbo, this unit is specified to run on a big bore 1900cc motor with uprated forged pistons and uprated H beam connecting rods.

As part of a full monty package that includes a heavy duty clutch kit and a performance differential, to give 450bhp.

Lastly, but by no means least, is the Big Daddy

  • JBS GT35

A true Monster amongst 1.8 20VT tuners.

This huge offering uses a T3 flange with either internal or external wastegate options. Thanks to custom made 4 inch intake pipework and a custom made MAF housing you'll be looking at a possible 500+bhp and 500lb/ft, after you've uprated your rods and pistons to deal with in excess of 2bar of boost pressure at high RPM.