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Brake Fluid Change Guide


A key part of any car is the braking system. Responsible for bringing your vehicle to a stop, sometimes in emergency situations, it is important to know that when you put your foot on the brake pedal it will do exactly as it's meant to..

As a hydraulic system the brake fluid plays an important role, unfortunately over time it does absorb water, and whereas brake fluid isn't compressible, water is. The more water in the system, the less pressure is applied to the caliper, reducing the braking force and increasing the time it takes you vehicle to come to a stop.

It is recommended for a brake fluid to take place the 3rd year after the vehicles manufacture and then every 2 years after that, ensuring that the system remains at the correct specification.

A brake fluid change costs just £55.00 inc VAT using DOT4 and we will require your vehicle for around 45 mins.

For the fast road / track user we also offer a brake fluid change with DOT5.1 which has a slightly higher boiling point, and costs £65.00 inc VAT.

Please call us on 01246 455005 for a personalised quote and to book in your vehicle.