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Coolant Flush Guide


Coolant is essential as the name suggests in keeping your engine cool and in modern cars it is utilised even more, playing a key role in charge cooler systems in order to maintain your vehicles intake air temperatures.

It is often the case that over time as you top up your coolant the majority of people tend to only use water, as the mix is continuously diluted its ability to protect and maintain the cooling system components is reduced. This introduces contaminates to the system not only reducing its effectiveness and corroding the components, it also leaves it vulnerable to freezing, which in the most extreme cases can lead to cracks in your engine.

We offer coolant flushes for peace of mind motoring and to stop the possibility of potentially causing any other issues. The latest glycerin based G13 coolant we use is not only more protective than the previous glycol based coolants and therefore better for your car, as a bi-product of biodiesel production, it is also better for the environment.

Genuine G13 coolant flushes prices start from £75.00 inc VAT

Please call us on 01246 455005 for a personal quote and to book in your vehicle.