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Brake Kits

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JBS offers the ultimate high Performance Brake upgrade system. It comprises of ventilated, integral or composite discs, available drilled or slotted, 4 and 8 piston aluminium calipers, a complete set of high performance brake pads, metal braid tubes and high quality small parts.

The Uprated Braking Systems provide amazing stopping power during day to day use, as well as the ultra high performance you would expect for on track days.

All the brake systems JBS offer are designed to fit perfectly onto the vehicle's original setup, and are fully compatible with the vehicle's OE parts and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The Brake Systems have been developed specifically to replace the vehicle's front or rear brakes. We recommend Sport brake discs to replace standard rear discs and provide a matched appearance on all four wheels.

Please note: In certain applications as a result of the upgraded calipers and larger diameter brake discs, aftermarket wheels will be required to ensure the necessary brake clearance.


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