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Diverter Valves & BOV's


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Diverter Valves & BOV's by

How a Diverter valve works:

Imagine your turbocharger spinning at 8,000 rpm. It's pumping masses of air through your inlet pipes at nearly 90 metres per second ... and then you close the throttle to change gears.

That air suddenly has nowhere to go and it is the job of the dump/Blow-Off/ Recuirculating Valve to then open and vent the excess pressure. If your valve is not up to the task, a large pressure spike can occur in the inlet piping and the air will try to force its way back out through the turbo compressor wheel.

The majority of factory installed dump valves (also referred to as bypass or diverter valves) are designed to leak pressure at elevated boost levels as preventative measure against boost spikes. However, if you are intentionally raising the boost level in your car for more power, a dump valve will aid you in this task by ensuring that all of the pressurised air makes it to the engine.