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Anti Roll Bars (ARBs)


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Anti Roll Bars (ARBs) by

A few years ago, Autotech introduced lightweight tubular swaybars that are a significant advance in swaybars for Volkswagens. Our lightweight swaybars use hollow tubing to reduce weight by as much as 50 percent! We use different wall thickness material in order to change stiffness for each chassis application. Our tubular swaybars can be 35% to 50% lighter than equivalent rate solid bars.

These swaybars offer two advantages:

1) Greater anti-roll action (than most competitor's bars)
2) Significantly reduced weight

Autotech has designed these swaybars to provide increased stiffness, yet they often weigh far less than solid bars with a similar rate. For example, our 25mm lightweight front swaybar for the Golf 2 is 32% stiffer than a 22mm solid bar, yet it weighs 31% less. At the rear of the cars, where conventional swaybars get heavy, Autotech's lightweight bars can reduce swaybar weight by as much as 50%! Don't be fooled by their light weight, though! Our lightweight swaybars are every bit as strong as conventional swaybars and will probably outlast the rest of the car! Our lightweight swaybars can weigh ten or more pounds less than other bars.

Any racer can tell you: shedding any weight at all from a car is tough, let alone removing this many pounds. All in all, what this means for your car's performance is this: quicker response and better handling. Get rid of those boat anchors called "racing swaybars" you're using now and get serious...get lightweight.