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Posted 20th February 2009
JBS IHI Cast Downpipe

JBS developments has also been working on a cast down pipe for the IHI stage one turbo kit.


The downpipe is designed to separate the turbo exhaust out flow and the wastegate flow to remove turbulents in the downpipe.   The difference with the JBS designed downpipe compared to other manufactures is that the exhaust and wastegate flow are kept seperated deeper into the downpipe to improve gas flow.


It also has cast in mounting points for the lambda and EGT sensors if they are required.


The downpipe flange will fit all types of IHI/Mitsubishi turbos, allowing for different size turbo exhaust gas outlets and flange depths.


The downpipe will be cast from the samehigh nickel cast iron as the manifold. This is to ensure a minimal amount of thermal expansion and an equal rate of thermal expansion through the manifold, turbo housing and down pipe, this minimises the potential for thermal fatigue. 


The downpipe shall be released shortly after the manifolds. The downpipe and manifold will be available as part of the JBS IHI stage 1 turbo kit as well as individually.


The downpipe and manifold will be thoroughly tested together and dyno'd. At which time all power and flow figures will be released.