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Posted 30th June 2009
JBS Turbo Kits hold their own on the GTi International drag strip.

All the JBS Team would like thank everyone who supported JBS over the GTI INTERNATIONAL weekend.

We had a great response to our new products and conversions.

Many thanks also to the JBS customers who displayed their cars over the weekend. Especially:

  • Tim Orpen JBS GT30 Audi TT,
  • Ashley Philpot 1.8 T conversion and JBS IHI stage 1 VW Polo 6N,
  • Andy Smith JBS TS 650 Turbo VW Golf R32
  • John Hurditch JBS and C-C tuned VW Golf Mk5 ED30

The JBS tuned cars held their own on the strip, clocking the fastest ¼ mile and 0-60 times of the weekend. As well as holding the top spots in their class on both Saturday and Sunday.

Proving that JBS Turbo kits will give even a supercar a run for its money but are also just as reliable, in Tim Orpens case the JBS GT30 powered TT pulling out regular sub 3.5 seconds 0-60 times and is a daily driver.

GTI International 2009
Class Car       Date Best 1/4 mile Best 0-60
(sec) (sec)
POLO LUPO Ashley  Philpot    27/06/2009 13.592 4.94
VW 4-WHEEL DRIVE Andy Smith   27/06/2009 11.889 3.47
28/06/2009 11.536 3.16
MK 5 GOLF / JETTA John Hurditch    28/06/2009 13.661 5.16
AUDI 4-WHEEL DRIVE Tim Orpen 27/06/2009 11.84 3.39
28/06/2009 11.732 3.24
27/06/2009 11.84 3.44
27/06/2009 11.882 3.47
27/06/2009 11.908 3.45