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Posted 29th October 2009
New High Spec JBS 04 K03 Hybrid Turbo Released.

JBS has re-designed its hybrid K03/K03s turbo upgrade to a higher spec, including new parts and manufacturer.


The JBS 04 is able to produce around 250-300 bhp!


The turbo specification has been chosen to give maximum gains with a standard manifold and then with our collected cast manifold design give even more.


We expect this turbo to be capable of up to a 1.8bar spike and hold 1.3bar across the rev range.


Built from a new genuine KKK housing, the JBS04 spec is:


  • JBS Spec High Flow Compressor wheel,
  • Machined compressor housing inlet with Allen key fixings,
  • C.N.C. re-profiled compressor cover for high flow,
  • JBS Spec Upgraded 360 degree performance thrust bearing,
  • Modified watercooled bearing housing,
  • Larger Custom Turbine wheel,
  • Modified turbine blades,
  • Lightening and balancing of turbine wheel for faster 'spool up',
  • Modified turbine housing,
  • Up-rated twin turbine seals.
  • Ported Wastegate,
  • Billet aluminium Forge adjustable actuator,
  • Other JBS custom 'blueprinting' modifications.

APPROX  280- 300 BHP