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Posted 12th March 2009
NEW JBS Tubular Manifolds

The JBS development team has been working on a new cast K03 performance manifold, as well as new K04, IHI and GT28 cast manifolds. The cast manifolds will run alongside the new JBS tubular designs.

The design and development process for the cast manifold has taken longer than expected to get the quality and performance we are after. But we are now waiting for the 1st production sample to be delivered to us of the K03 OEM upgrade manifold. Once this sample has been tested and signed off, full production will start and the rest of the manifolds will quickly follow.


Along with the cast manifolds JBS has produced a new range of tubular manifold. Including: IHI, T2, T3 and Twin Scroll configuration for Stage 1 Under-Slung and Top Mount Equal Length.  Due to a drop in manufacturing quality of our old manifolds, the new tubular design will be produced in house until we find a manufacturer we are completely confident with.


The new tubular designs concentrate more on collector efficiency and eliminating port sharing.


The manifold has been designed in CAD to optimise the collector, flow capabilities and to enable easier fitment. The CAD process allows us to manipulate the part quickly and gather information and measurements, which would be physically impossible to do by hand.


The manifolds have then been produced directly from the CAD designs to ensure best flow, accuracy and fitment, using laser cut flanges and CNC cut collectors.


The manifolds are built with 321 stainless steel runners and 409 stainless steel flanges, to protect against the higher exhaust gas temperatures.


The first manifolds designed and built have been the Stage 1 Under-slung IHI and T2, and Top Mount Equal Length IHI and T2 manifolds.

Prices for the Tubular Stage 1: IHI or T2 manifold is: £450 + VAT

Prices for the Equal Length: IHI or T2 manifold is: £850 + VAT


These manifolds are available individually or as part of the range of JBS IHI and GT28 turbo kits, prices starting at £1700 + VAT.