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2.5 TDI 150/155/163 Bhp

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See What Engines/Models This Product Fits
Diesel: 2.5 TDI (150)
VW: Touareg (Mk1) (03 - 10), Transporter (T4) (90 - 03)
Skoda: Superb (B5) (01 - 08)
Audi: A4 (B6) (01 - 05), A4 (B7) (05 - 08), A6 (C4) (94 - 97), A4 (B5) (94 - 01), A6 (C5) (98 - 04)

Phase Two builds on the success of the Phase One remap taking into consideration all the costly modifications such as Hybrid Turbos, FMICs, downpipes, exhausts and induction kits etc. This allows us to obtain the best possible power from your engine, also allowing you the opportunity to tailor your driving experience by telling us exactly how you like your car to behave and how you wish the increased power to be delivered.

Phase Two offers drivers seeking the best from their existing modifications a chance to tailor their driving experience with our totally customised remap service.

Owners of vehicles with Cold Air Intakes, Sports Exhaust Systems, Sports Cats, Nitrous Oxide, Water Injection, Aftermarket Cams or Hybrid Turbos should use this service.

You as a customer can help determine various factors such as Power Delivery, RPM Limits and General Driver Requests.

Mapping can take between 1 and 1.5 days due to the totally customised nature of the map, however if we have already tuned an ECU of the same type with the same engine modifications, expect mapping to be completed in half the time



Phase One

Phase Two





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*Fitting time is dependent on pre-install inspection.
*Labour time is included in price.

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£375.00 exc VAT
£450.00 inc VAT