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Anti-Roll Bars - F&R: 32/22mm (4WD)

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Diesel: 3.0 V6 TDI (230)
Petrol: 4.2 40v (340)
Audi: A4 (B6) (01 - 05), S4 (B7) (06 - 08), A4 (B7) (05 - 08), S4 (B6) (03 - 05)

Front Diameter : 32mm (2x adjustable)
Rear Diameter : 22mm (2x adjustable)

H&R Stabilizers/Anti-Roll Bars

H&R Stabilizer bars replace the existing stabilizers and are compatible with the OE suspension and performance suspension kits - regardless of manufacturer.H&R Stabilizer bars are the ideal choice for the enthusiast who wants precision handling,but may not want to lower the vehicle.For the majority of vehicles they are adjustable.

H&R - Product facts :

More stability
Better handling
High tension steel
Most types are adjustable
Precision forged ends
Bushings made from exclusive material
No loss of ride comfort

When fitting H&R stabilizers use OE mounting parts if not co-packed. Check that these parts are in a like-new condition; renew them in case they are not.

Approximate Fitting Time
2.00 hours at £65 per hour = £130 + VAT
£335.99 exc VAT
£403.19 inc VAT