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CDA: Enclosed Intake Systems (Toledo, Golf MkIII, 110 TDi)

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Diesel: 1.9 TDI (110)
Seat: Toledo (1M) (98 - 04)
VW: Golf (Mk3) (92 - 99)

BMC CDA (Carbon Dynamic Airbox) Enclosed Intake Systems

CDA filtering system is composed of a cylindrical carbon air box containing a washable filtering element. Substituting the original air box with our CDA, cold air is directly channelled through an internal airflow deflector to the filter and drawn into the engine with a very small pressure drop (patented system). The CDA system also includes a black alloy ducting (60 cm length) for connecting the system to an air intake on the front of the car.

CDA filtering system is connected to an air intake in the front of the car through black alloy ducting. Thanks to the dynamic air intake you have a "supercharging" type system that conveys cold air at a speed and capacity much bigger than with traditional systems. The airflow entering through the dynamic intake is still further accelerated due to the conical flow variator inside the carbon dynamic air box. Finally, dynamic overboosting, greater airflow, higher pressure and colder air are the elements assuring a considerable increase in engine performance in power and torque.

Warranty:2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Accessories required for fitting:

  • Straight Silicon Hose (L:70mm Dia:80mm) : SASSH7080
  • Air Flow Sensor Connection (Dia:70mm) - SAD708233K
Approximate Fitting Time
1.00 hours at £65 per hour = £65 + VAT
153.99 exc VAT
184.79 inc VAT

BMC Accessories: Sensor:
* required
BMC Accessories: Silicone Hose:
* required