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Performance Front Engine Mount (Road)

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Petrol: 1.8 8v (90), 1.8 8v (110), 1.8 16v (130), 1.8 16v (140), 1.8 8v G60 (160), 1.8 16v G60 (210)
VW: Golf (Mk2) (83 - 92)

The Golf front mount reacts a large proportion of the accelaration and overrun torque and has to carry a proportion of the powertrain weight. The original VW mount was always going to be a compromise! This Vibra-Technics design is a direct replacement for the original but allows only a fraction of the engine movement. Therefore there is none of the engine inertia forces throwing the engine back and forwards under throttle on and off conditions. The car has a much 'Tighter' feel and exhaust manifolds are not subject to high bending stress. In addition the level of noise and vibration transmitted to the cabin is not greatly increased.

£133.35 exc VAT
£160.02 inc VAT