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Part Number: J3039880058

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JBS has re-designed its hybrid K03/K03s turbo upgrade to a higher spec, including new parts and manufacturer.

The JBS 04 is able to produce an astonishing 250-300 bhp! depending on other engine modifications.

The turbo specification has been chosen to give maximum gains with a standard manifold.

The JBS 04 turbo is capable of boost pressures up to 1.8bar spike and will hold 1.3bar across the rev range.

Built from a new genuine KKK housing, the JBS04 also includes a upgraded 360 degree performance thrust bearing.  With enlarged size oil galleries and thrust washer (see pictures) to improve reliability and the life span of the turbo.


High Flow Compressor wheel

Machined compressor housing inlet with Allen key fixings

C.N.C. re-profiled compressor cover for high flow

Upgraded 360 degree performance thrust bearing

Modified watercooled bearing housing, 

Larger Custom Turbine wheel,

Modified turbine blades,

Lightening and balancing of turbine wheel,

Modified turbine housing,

Up-rated twin turbine seals,

Ported Wastegate,


Billet aluminium Forge adjustable actuator,


Modifications to turbo intake needed.


APPROX 250- 300 BHP


Parts Also Recommented/need to install this turbo:

Custom-Code Phase 3
310CC Injectors
3" Air Mass Meter
4 Bar Fuel Pump
4 Bar Fuel Regulator
Forge 007P Diverter Valve


*Price stated is bought outright-no exchange