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Spring and Dampers


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About Spring and Dampers

Sport suspension kits replace the factory dampers and springs. Replacement sport suspension kits are the most popular way of lowering your car. Kits come complete with up-rated dampers running shorter piston rods and up-rated lowering springs. The springs and shocks are ‘matched’ resulting in a much more refined and balanced suspension package. There are numerous drops to choose from 20mm-80mm are available.

There are basically two types of sport suspension kits available:

·          Sport Kits
The kit will include 4 lowering springs combined with 4 matched 30% up-rated shock absorbers with short piston rods.

·          Adjustable Sport Kits
The kit will include 4 lowering springs with 4 matched adjustable damping rate shock absorbers. There are numerous drops available and ride stiffness can easily be altered to offer a hard or soft ride.